Rumeli International Schools

Welcome to Rumeli International Schools (RIS) An elite international school located in Istanbul – Turkey. Our school is co-educational and caters to all levels of both primary and secondary school, with a kindergarten, an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school.

We hold pride in instilling in our students a sense of spirit of culture, flexibility, international understanding, creativity, respect, and appreciation for their heritage and environment. We navigate towards an environment of equality amongst all humans regardless of religion, ethnic origin, culture and gender, and deal with each other with mutual respect and compassion. We acknowledge that each student is a unique individual to be challenged, thereby achieving his or her personal potential, and experiencing the opportunity to succeed. In light of a rapidly evolving world, we believe it is necessary to prepare our students to be leaders, ready to meet the challenges of technology, global changes and peace building. Thus, it is the school’s mission to direct the energy of our youth into a creative force; therefore, shaping their characters into mature, healthy, independent, well rounded, and conscientious members of the community capable of critical thinking and problem solving.

Integrated student services

Modern teaching aids

Accredited academic curricula

Excellent teaching staff


To provide students with a challenging educational environment within an international community

focusing on a global curriculum integrated with technology and a variety of extracurricular activities to meet students individual needs.


To nurture lifelong learners and global thinkers with leadership qualities and universal values while

instilling pride in one's cultural identity integrating technology to grow as 21st century learner.

Licenses and certificates